hey there

So on this website, http://www.newfangled.com/how_many_blogs_are_there, it says there are over 70 million blogs on the web and that number doubles every 6 months.  Then I wonder how many of those 70 million blogs are inactive and if this blog will end up in that category, and what the odds are of that happening.  Probably pretty good.  And this is why I included ‘keyword’ in parenthesis in my blog description.

I decided to start this blog to document fun stuff about life, because who wants to read a blog about the bad stuff about life?  It’ll be a place I can look at to remind me, hey, life’s not so bad.  This already sounds depressing..

The title is ‘fixed on the unseen’ because one of my favorite passages is:

2 Corinthians

I like that because sometimes all the good things about life are hard to see, but once I read that verse it reminds me that none of it really matters…that came out wrong, pretend that was super inspirational.

Shout out to my husband and mom for reading this, you guys rock.

One thought on “hey there

  1. I have no idea who your mom is but she probably gets major demerits for not clicking the link that sweet husband of yours sent her a WEEK ago. Just know you have always been the sweetest of inspirations to her and you always will be. The unseen is truly the sweetest!

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