deck the halls with pumpkins

Yesterday I put up our few autumn decorations.  And I loved every minute of it!  We don’t have many decorations, but a little goes a long way in my opinion.  Here are some pics.


These are my teeny tiny tricker treaters, aren’t they totes adorbs?!  This is probably my favorite Halloween decoration we have.


This is up on the mantle flanking this garland..


I set 4 small votive candle holders in the garland to keep it in place.  And on the other side of the garland is this.


Another one of my favorites.  I love my spooky pumpkin – which, ironically, isn’t spooky at all.  You’ll notice that all of my Halloween decor isn’t very scary and that’s because I absolutely despise all things scary.


Here is my massive “K” pumpkin.  And we have a couple owls that we keep up all the time, but they blend in nicely with the Halloween/Autumn decor.  Bonus!


Yet another pumpkin.


I had made this last year and I need to fluff it up a little more.  It looks very Halloweeny on our black door.


I justified buying this candy because how could I have an empty glass pumpkin sitting out?  That’s just wrong!

And that’s it folks.  Most of these decorations my dear mother bought for me at a little antique store in town.  She was appalled a couple years ago when she came to visit and we had no autumn decor.  And if you think I have a lot of pumpkins, you’re mistaken.  Mike & I always count the pumpkins (in particular) at Mom’s over Thanksgiving and there are usually upwards of 70 or so.  But in her defense, if she buys a bunch of those little pumpkins and puts them in a bowl, we totally count each individual one.  But still, it’s a lot of pumpkins.  But in all seriousness, who doesn’t like pumpkins?

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