thankful tree

I got this idea from the Simply Vintagegirl blog.  I loved it because it was easy to do and it has a nice sentiment.  I did mine a little different so here is a short tutorial.

I got my supplies from Hobby Lobby.  The jar was originally $20, but I used their 40% coupon so it ended up being $12.  The ribbon was a couple bucks.


It’s been raining a bunch around here lately and we were worried that we’d have a hard time finding some dry sticks for this project, so we sprung for a faux stick, $7.


We chose a few different colors of paper (we mimicked autumn leaf colors of course), but printed paper would be cool too.


Then we used a votive candle holder to trace circles and then cut them out.  A hole punch was used for the holes (duh).


To complete the project we wrote things we are thankful for on the circles, put them on our faux stick, and voila! a thankful tree.


I was a little premature with this project, since Halloween isn’t even over yet, but I couldn’t resist.  Right now the tree looks a bit Charlie Brownish.  Mike likes it that way, but I’m thinking we may add some more circles later.  And before I end this post, here is a picture of Mike being weird at Hobby Lobby and spelling out my name.


I love him. 🙂

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