more smash booking

With all the snow and the terrible road conditions I had time to catch up on my Smash Book.  Here are some more pics.


This spread has some brainstorming ideas for our snow cone stand logo that we had this past summer.



There are more ideas on my previous post, here.  But basically if I see anything in a magazine that I like, or any other random pieces of paper I’d like to keep (I have a game score sheet shown in the last pic), I throw them into a pile.  Then once I get the time I sit down and throw it all in there.  I only have a small box of supplies, which works because the paper is so cool I wouldn’t want to cover it up too much anyway.




Love these, because it’s a place to put all the random stuff I want to keep but wouldn’t know what to do with otherwise.  And it’s something to do during winter storms when you’re stuck inside. :/

3 thoughts on “more smash booking

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