meal planning 12.16

Another meal planning post!  I wanted to use up some of the things we had in the pantry so that explains the first 2 recipes.

I had egg noodles and beef broth so I made this One-Dish Beef Stroganoff from  It was pretty good, I’d use a different type of beef next time, ground might be good.

beef stranoff 

Had some leftover pasta so I made Chicken & Asparagus Penne from  I had spiral pasta but it still tasted good.  It’d be even better with a little butter mixed in there.


Haven’t made this yet, but it’s on the menu.  Chicken Pot Pie from Jennifer Booth.  It looks pa-ritty good.

chicken pot pie

Other meals we will have this week:

Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

Sweet Potato with lots of fixins

Chicken Dish (we make this quite a bit)

And then I’ll also be making these:

Pretzel Toffee from Jen’s Favorite Cookies

pretzel toffee

Chocolate Chip Cookies from Two Twenty One

choc chip cookie

I also bought a ton of fruit that we snack on throughout the day.  This weeks picks:  bananas, pears, clementines, and grapes.

All the recipes are pretty easy, so if you’re like me and like to cook but not to spend all evening in the kitchen, these are good ones to try out.

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