how to make a pretty bed

Making a bed is one of those things that many people think is unnecessary, and that’s because it is.  But having a pretty bed has its perks in my opinion.  It gives off a happier vibe than a messy lump of sheets, plus it makes the room seem way more cozy and inviting.  Having a magazine photo shoot bed is not an easy feat, so when we started talking about getting a new bed (upgrading to a king, since our queen is starting to feel more and more mushy) I used this picture from Oh Joy! as inspiration:

oh joy bed

She has a quilt, down comforter with a large printed duvet at the foot of the bed, and tons of pillows.  I’m a fan of quilts over comforters, and we wanted to use blue in our room so we went with this Threshold Vintage Quilt from Target:

threshold quilt blue

Another pic from the Target website:

threshold quilt blue 2

And I prefer to have plain neutral sheets and a cotton blanket under the quilt.  Instead of getting a plain white cotton blanket (what we used to have) we chose these Threshold Organic Blankets from Target:

organic blanket 2

organic blanket 1

Both have a gray undertone and subtle pattern, and are more fun than the basic white blankets.  I like to have a plain down comforter for when it’s cold to put between the cotton blanket and quilt, so we went with this Threshold one from Target (can you tell that there was a sale going on at Target?):

down comforter

We got some off-white sheets, a mattress cover, and pillows from Sams (not interesting enough to show pictures).  We plan on getting Euro pillows with shams and some printed pillowcases.  Eventually we may get a duvet cover to put over the down comforter to put at the end of the bed instead of under the quilt during winter, like how they did on the Oh Joy! blog.  And the bed we chose is this beauty:


Once the bed arrives I’ll put up pictures of the finished product.  Sweet dreams!

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