smash book update

I only have a couple more pages of my current (and 2nd) Smash Book.  Here are some of the most recent pages that I’ve done.


This page has the scores of a card game that we played with friends.


The page on the left is an article on organization tips that I cut out of Real Simple.  The page on the right already had the big sentence so I colored it some, but didn’t cover it up.


Mostly cutouts from magazines and a tear out from one of the smash book notepads.


Christmas gift tags that my Mom had made.


Our Christmas card on the left along with bowling scores on the right.

For more Smash Book inspiration click here and here!

4 thoughts on “smash book update

  1. Oh my how I love seeing all this…as soon as I get my OWN Christmas decorations put away I want to do the same in my Smash book! But—that “M” tag in the middle sure wasn’t the best and I can not believe we went bowling on CHRISTMAS Day Night!! Nuts! Love that you continue to record your life and your memories…some day you will be so extra glad you have done this!

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