bookcase re-styling

Back in November I did a post on styling bookcases, here.  I’ve since made a couple small changes.

Here is what they used to look like:


Here is what they now look like:


Many styling tips and pictures show the books split up with decorative accent pieces inter-mingled with the books.  Although I like that look, it can look cluttered when you have a large bookcase like we do.  So I went ahead and put the books together with a few small objects set in front.  As we get books we can fill out that 4 shelf that we’ve started, and then allocate the second to bottom shelves for frames.  I intend on getting baskets for the very bottom shelves to add some storage.  Here are a couple close-up pics:



So there you have it.  Sometimes it’s nice to switch things up a little, ya know?

3 thoughts on “bookcase re-styling

  1. Love looking at your blog – I spied a couple of bubble-butt bears in your book case – LOL! Grandma Helen would be pleased!

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