smash book update 2.20

I recently finished my second smash book.  Here were the last couple pages.


These layouts include magazine cutouts, a napkin I doodled on while waiting for my niece to be born, pictures, and smash pad tear-outs.




I liked the last page too much to put anything on it.


Then I started my 3rd smash book, it’s the green one and the pages are probably my favorite.  I liked the front page on this one too, so I left it bare.


I’ve only done a couple spreads and here they are.


In these I had a newspaper cutout, ticket, menu, smash pad tear-out, and more crud from magazines.




So here are all 3 of my Smash Books thus far.


And my supplies haven’t changed at all except for maybe a few stickers courtesy of Mike.


For more Smash Book inspiration you can check out my previous posts here, here, and here!

6 thoughts on “smash book update 2.20

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