…is something I don’t know much about.  But my hope is to change that this Spring.  Our landscaping is non-existent and I’d like to at least fill up our front flower beds.  Here are the resources I’ll be checking out for inspiration and guidance.


Better Homes & Gardens – No Fuss Garden Plan


Better Homes & Garden – Vegetable Garden Plan


Better Homes & Garden – Garden Plans for Shady Spots – they also have one for full sun


Unknown Source – Bulb Planting Guide


Keeper of the Home – Vegetable Gardening for Beginners


Mother Nature Network – How to Start a Cutting Garden

veggie garden

Mother Nature Network – Get Your Vegetable Garden off to a Good Start


Mother Nature Network – Make Landscaping Butterfly Friendly

My plan is to start out slow and eventually fill up a couple spots in our yard.  I have a feeling it’ll be a lot of trial and error, but hopefully these resources will help!  22 days until Spring!



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