my 14 favorite games

I’m a gamer…but not that kind of gamer.  I mentioned board games as a fun free thing to do in my post from yesterday.  So here is a list of my top 14 favorite games.


Backgammon – probably my favorite 2 person game


Cards – Spades, Oh Hell, & Presidents are my favorites.  Click on links for instructions on how to play

monopoly deal

Monopoly Deal – another great 2 player game (although you can play with more people)


Whonuu – this game is easy to play, good for large groups

catch phrase

Catchphrase – a fun game to play on teams, another good one for large groups

loaded questions

Loaded Questions – super fun, more fun if you’ve been drinking, just saying


Balderdash – you definitely have to use your brain for this one


Scattegories – simple and easy


Rummikub – another good one for 2 players (or more)

ticket to ride

Ticket to Ride – it’s more fun than it looks


Settlers of Catan – and this one is wayyyy more fun than it looks, prepare to be addicted

photo Olivier Pojzmanstylist Sawako Iizuka

Apples to Apples – good for a large group, easy to play


Bananagrams – like Scrabble but quicker and easier


Set – a game of matching, but its harder than it looks

This post makes me look like a major nerd but I’m okay with that.  Games are fun people!

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