meal planning 3.18

What’s on the menu for this week…

Tostadas – Simply Recipes


Chicken Salad – Simply Recipes

chicken salad

Breakfast Taquitos – Damn Delicious

breakfast taquito

Fiesta Chicken – The Girl Who Ate Everything

fiesta chicken


Sweet Pototoes

Chicken Dish

All of these recipes are gluten free (as long as you make sure to use corn tortillas for the tostadas and taquitos).  I’m trying a gluten free diet for a week or so to see how it makes me feel.  I have a sensitive stomach and have heard a lot about the benefits of a gluten free (or minimal gluten) diet.  If I don’t feel glorious after trying it out I probably won’t worry about eating gluten free anymore, but if it does help I’m sure they’ll be a future post about it.

P.S.  Even if you aren’t a big fan of chicken salad try the recipe above, it’s so good.

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