lenten reminders

This post is somewhat late, but there are still 4 weeks left of Lent!  Here are some things to inspire you on your Lenten journey.

begin again

If you fall off the wagon with your resolutions don’t forget that that’s the whole point of Lent!  If it was easy nobody would strive to fulfill their resolutions.

lenten goals

You can click on this to make it bigger.  These are great ideas for ways to remember what Lent is about.  Dedicate a small (or large!) portion of you day to focus on what God is calling us to become during Lent – hopefully more like Him!

son of god

Go see this movie.  We did and it was really good.  It inspired me to keep moving forward with my resolutions and to pray more consistently.


The part where Jesus says this in the movie really stuck with me.  Jesus says this when he is up on the cross about to die.  So the next time someone cuts me off on the road and I want to freak out, I’ll just remember this.

soul nourishing

You can click on this to make it bigger too.  Another great thing to read to put your heart and mind in the right place for Lent.

Everyone’s resolutions are different for Lent, but I’ve found that if you’re already pretty healthy it’s a good idea to resolve to do something that makes you more like Christ – don’t gossip, pray more, give to the poor, give up swearing, be polite, don’t be selfish, be more positive, etc.

I hope this post will help give us the push we need for the next 4 weeks of Lent, and hopefully even longer than that!

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