happy mother’s day

My Mom is my ultimate inspiration.  Looking back I know that many of the things I’ve become interested in and the person I’ve become are thanks to her.


Although I used my interior design degree to work in the healthcare field, my interest was sparked because of her.  She loved decorating the house.  She had a certain skill for rearranging the furniture in the living room in different configurations – way more than was thought possible.  All of us kids got to decorate our rooms at one time or another.  And my Mom is many things, but being afraid of color is not one of them.  At one point the house had rooms painted yellow, lime green, aqua, red, green, and orange.  All of this made me interested in the designing/decorating of spaces.


She is also somewhat of a gardener.  This trait I have not acquired yet, but I hope to soon.  I do remember that one of my chores growing up in the summers was to water all the flowers.  It was basically the worst.  It’d be blazing hot outside and a light spray was definitely not acceptable.  So I wasn’t a big fan of flowers back then, but I’m starting to see the beauty in it.


My Mom has always said that she doesn’t like to cook.  I remember her telling this to me for the first time and I was shocked.  She cooked all the time for us growing up and I always loved it – unless it was beef stroganoff.  To this day I consider her a great cook who, for some reason, doesn’t like to cook.


Anyone who knows my Mom knows that she has many, many interests.  Sometimes I can’t keep up with them, but she was the one who introduced me to Smash Books (posts on that here, here, here and here).  And her interest in photography has inspired me to start learning.


Growing up she seemed to know it all.  I’m so lucky to have a Mom that I can be sure will be able to answer just about any question I have.  I’ve learned so much from her, and I’d like to think I’ve taken on some of her awesome personality traits.  My Mom could write a book on being hardworking and strong willed.  She is the most loyal friend you’ll ever have, and she’s always full of life.


On some things my Mom and I couldn’t be any more different.  I like rollercoasters and I’d LOVE to go scuba diving.  My Mom – there is just no way.  Most of the time I’m not as chatty as my Mom, the reason for much angst growing up.  Mom is fascinated by, well, just about anything and it’s always impossible for me to carry that level of interest.  Also, Mom is the most excitable person you’ll ever meet.  I’ll tell her something that I think is completely trivial and she’ll fly off the handle.


Given all our differences, she is still my ultimate inspiration.  She has such a passion for living, there is no other way to put it.  She has worked relentlessly to raise all 4 of us, and has done an incredible job (she should thank her stubbornness for some of that).  Growing up we were not allowed to have excuses for poor behavior/decisions – ever – and I know she was just as hard on herself as she was on us.  Underneath the high expectations was a love so tremendous.  If we ever needed any sort of help growing up we never doubted that she’d be there.  It was just a fact, we could always count on her 100%.  And I still feel that way today.


Thanks Mom for all of your lessons, love, and support.  It means the world.

Love you,


8 thoughts on “happy mother’s day

  1. Here, here, Samantha! Couldn’t agree more!

    May I add that as much as Mom hated cooking, she is actually really, really good at it? (And I have since acquired a taste for beef stroganoff, which I also hated when we were growing up.)

    Great pictures, too. I think the first picture of you in that dress shows how much you share mom’s intrepid passion for color. 😉

  2. Well, simultaneous tears and laughter were not really expected! Anyone who doesn’t know me can also feel free to read this “tongue in cheek”…my daughter is very wise and I really don’t deserve a lot of accolade, but am happy to be blessed beyond my dreams by her and her siblings and father. I am so very, very lucky. I love you Samantha Gail!!!

  3. your mom is also a great collector of things, very interesting and fun to look at things but I have always said her best collection is friends. She has an amazing collection of friends and never holds back, never hesitates to add another. I am blessed to be in that collection. She entertains me and inspires me and makes me laugh. She adds color to my life that is for sure. Love you mom and you too Sam, and…heck, I love you all

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