the power of list making

I’ve heard people saying that writing is cathartic.  It allows you to get all your thoughts and feelings out on paper.  I’ll journal every now and then but the bulk of my writing is done by making lists.

list making

Anatomy of the List

I make lists for just about anything.  Some of them are short term lists – grocery list/meal planning, things to do for the day, things to do for the next couple days.  And some are long term lists – things to buy eventually (ex. buy citronella candles), things to do (spend more time figuring out my camera, specific crafts/projects I want to tackle).

Sticky Notes are Crucial

If there is something of great importance that I need to remember to do in the near future I put it on a sticky note and then put that on top of my list.  This way it’s the first thing I see.

Make Your Own Check Boxes

Yes, I do that.  But I think everyone can agree that checking off your to-do list (especially if you have boxes to check off) is extremely satisfying.

Importance of Editing/Consolidating Lists

And I’m always editing.  My long term list I keep in a notebook and once it’s been scribbled on and items have been crossed out I’ll rip out the page and transfer the up to date list onto a new piece of paper.

For short term lists I like using index cards and then I trash them after a couple days.

The fewer lists I have the better I feel.  So consolidating is a must.  This will make me sound crazy but if I have consolidated, organized lists my life feels more put together.  I know, crazy.  This is how I know my life is good, when all it takes to “fix” my life is to write a list.


This post is ridiculous, I know that.  But never underestimate the power of list making…ever!  Have a great Memorial Day weekend!


5 thoughts on “the power of list making

  1. Sam – this for sure reminds me of your Mom – I think she makes a list for about everything. Honey, I love reading your blog! Keep it up! XXOO

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