drawer organization

Our junk drawer in our kitchen was really getting on my nerves.  I’ll admit that I organized it before taking a “before” picture.  But I tried to re-create it (I’m not nerdy at all!) and here is basically what it was looking like.


I had gotten an organizer from Bed Bath & Beyond a while back and it was failing miserably at keeping the drawer organized.

First I got rid of a few things that were in the drawer but didn’t belong there (not shown).  Then I decided to get a couple small supplemental organizers from Walmart, about $3 each.  The finished mini-project looks like this.




Not perfect, but an improvement.  The key is making sure the organizer fills up the entire drawer.  If the organizer is too small for the drawer a few of these skinny ones from Walmart fill the space great.

And there you have it, a super nerdy post on this fine Tuesday.

One thought on “drawer organization

  1. You need more “junk” for that to be a bonafide junk drawer! That’s the cleanest, neatest junk drawer with hardly any junk I’ve ever seen!! Of course, I realize this comes from the Queen of Junk!

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