having faith

Another inspirational post for the week!  Having faith is usually the answer to many problems.  Here are some nice reminders.

let god

We’ve all seen this before, but it’s true!  And very comforting.

mustard seed

Matthew 17:20.  When I read this I remind myself that it’s not asking much to have a little faith.  I can handle having faith as small as a mustard seed – which are 1 to 2 mm in diameter in case you were wondering.

pray more

Easy peasy.

big god

Many times when I’m worried about something having a little perspective helps.  Lucky for me my problems usually aren’t nearly as dire as I think they are.

just breathe

Again…easy peasy.


This verse is the inspiration for my blog title and extremely helpful in keeping faith.

Hope this post cheered up your day!

One thought on “having faith

  1. Sweetie – I love reading your blog and especially this particular one – I’m so proud of you especially since you have such a strong faith and seem to have your priorities in order. Love you, granddaughter! XXOO

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