4 year anniversary

Today is Mike’s and my 4th anniversary!  Grammatically I have no idea the correct way to say that.

Here are some of my favorite things about Mike – don’t worry, nothing too mushy.

#1 – Hilarious

In fact we woke up today laughing until it hurt, but that was more my doing because I was telling him about a dream I’d had with a demented doll and zombie horses…anyway…  The most tried and true way for Mike to get me to crack up is when he tries (keyword) to dance.  Oh.  My.  Gosh.

facebook 9

#2 – Game For Whatever

This is important.  Mike is no thrill seeker but if I wanted to scuba dive with sharks he’d be game…maybe.

pic 17

#3 – Easy To Please

I almost didn’t put this one because it sounds suggestive, don’t be a perve!  But seriously, all it takes to improve Mike’s day is some Candy Crush…or Jeopardy…or food (duh).

newspaper pic

#4 – Nothing To Prove

At times this can be annoying, but overall it’s a great trait.  Although he is very competitive (ask him about his hands after being on the high-low silos at Silver Dollar City), he basically never tries to impress people, like ever, which ends up making him seem way more impressive.  Well played Mike, well played.


#5 – Kind

So generic, right?  But he is!  I think everyone can be mean-spirited from time to time but Mike would be very, very low on that spectrum.


There are many more things that I adore about Mike (obviously) but I don’t want him to get mad at me for listing all them here.  He’d probably say it’s embarrassing and that now he has no mystery.  True.  Happy 4th Anniversary Mike!  I love you.


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