craft closet

We had a bunch of available space in one of our pantries in the kitchen.


See.  Not much going on.  I thought it’d make for a great craft closet.  Especially since all of my craft supplies were dumped into a couple big baskets, not very accessible.  So I cleared out that particular cabinet and went to get some storage bins.  I got:

6 plastic shoe tubs from Walmart – 94 cents each

2 small drawer organizers from Walmart – 5.57 each

2 paper storage units from Target – 6.84 each

So the whole project cost a little over $30.


crafts closet

Nothing is labeled right now, I may do that later.  There is plenty of room and the shelves can be moved up or down if I need to rearrange in the future.






This is much more user friendly than digging into a couple deep baskets.  Looking forward to putting it to good use!


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