hey y’all

A couple days ago I was on a mission to mix up our built-in shelves in the kitchen, pictured here:


Although I like the framed Arkansas I thought it’d be cool to switch that up and have something more simple.  I’m loving this print from Etsy, so I decided to do a DIY version.

First I did my best to sketch out the letters with pencil onto a piece of white cardstock.  I had some shiny gold paint that I began to paint with inside the letters, pictured here:


But I realized quickly that it was going to be tricky and I wasn’t sure if I’d get the result I wanted.  So I used pen to outline the letters and painted over the entire page.


The pen allowed me to see through the paint, so that once the paint dried I was able to cut out the letters.  Once that was complete I put them on a fresh piece of white cardstock.


And then I used a glue stick to adhere them to the piece of paper.


I also repainted the original frame white.  So it went from this:


To this:


It helped to simplify that area some and I thought it turned out pretty cute for a DIY!




Easy peasy.  🙂

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