101st post

Yesterday was my 100th post – hard to believe!  Since I didn’t do anything to commemorate that yesterday I thought I’d commemorate my 101st post instead by listing a few of the reasons I blog.

1)  Creative Outlet – I’ve thought of quiting my blog many times.  Not because I don’t enjoy it, but because it’s hard to think of something to write about 3 times a week.  But I think of it as a challenge, and it ends up forcing me to be creative.

2)  Gives Me Perspective – Writing inspirational posts helps me to refocus my priorities and gives me a positive outlook on life.

3)  Documents Life – It’ll be fun to look back at food I made, projects I did, books I enjoyed, etc.

Those are the main reasons I’ve been blogging these last several months.  I’m not sure how long I’ll continue blogging, but for now I think I’ll keep it up.


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