summer bucket list

The first day of summer is still a ways away (June 21), but it feels like summer to me!  Here are some things on my Summer Bucket List.

1)  Lake Trip

Probably one of the things I look forward to the most in summer.

lake trip

2)  Make S’mores

I’m sure I’ll be able to knock this one out while at the lake – yum.


3)  Vacation!

This year it’s going to be Charleston and Savannah, and I can’t wait!


4)  Yard Games

Cornhole, croquet, ladderball, etc.


5)  Flea Market

Find flea markets in your area here.

flea market

6)  Cookout

Easy and delicious.  One of my favorites to cook out is this foil dinner.


7)  Outdoor Concert

Here in NWA we have an awesome venue, the amp.

the amp

8)  Float Trip

Another one of my favorites.  Float trips are the best.  Picture is from the Buffalo River.

float trip

9)  Watermelon & Lemonade & Ice Cream Sandwiches

This is a 3 in 1, but these are things I never eat normally, but taste delicious in the summer.


10)  Berry Picking

Find a local farm where you can pick your own berries, fun and delicious.

berry picking

I. Love. Summer.

spring bucket list

Spring is here (finally)!  And I’m itching to spend LOTS of time outside after this ca-razy winter we’ve had.  Here are some things on my Spring Bucket List.

1)  Ride Bikes

We got some cheap ones from Sam’s (this one and this one).  We have a pretty good trail system here in Fayetteville so it’ll be fun to ride around.  And the trails don’t look anything like this picture, but I wanted it to look as awesome as possible.

Cascades Trail, Cascades Hut

2)  Go On A Hike

There are tons of places to hike around here.  Mount Kessler, Mount Seqouyah, Devil’s Den, Hobb’s State Park, Pea Ridge Trail, etc.  Hobb’s State Park pictured.

hobbs state park

3)  Clean Out My Closet

I’ve already pretty much completed this one and it felt so good.  Cleaning out your closet is a great way to figure out what you have wayy too much of.  I have a note on my bulletin board that says I’m no longer allowed to buy jeans or sandals.


4)  Drive-In Movie

Already accomplished this one too.  It’s amazing when you can finally stay outside after dark and not be freezing – love it.


5)  Gator Golf

We all know I’m obsessed with Gator Golf, right?  Well, I am.  And I have 3 free passes!!

gator golf

6)  Yard Work

We’ve already worked on this some (you can read about that here).  But there is definitely some more work to be done.  This is our inspiration picture:


I’m kidding.

7)  Farmer’s Market

Perfect weather.  And a great time to get fresh produce!

farmers market

8)  Baseball Game

Is it bad that I go for the hot dogs?


9)  Picnic

So fun and relaxing.  Unless you go to a park where they happen to be larping – not that that has ever happened to us.  😉


10)  Amusement Park

The best time to do this.  Not too hot yet and the lines aren’t as long.  Crossing my fingers that we can fit this in somewhere.


Looks like a fun-filled Spring!  Get out and enjoy the weather before we’re all complaining about the heat!