26 things i’ve learned in 26 years

1)  Always celebrate your birthday

2)  Most of my problems can be solved by telling myself to relax

3)  Family and friends are priceless

4)  Spilling nail polish remover on a wood table is bad news

5)  Sometimes people judge others because they aren’t confident with what they’re doing in their own life – don’t be that person

6)  Having an active lifestyle is good for my health and mood

7)  If a book isn’t good 30 pages in, don’t finish it

8)  Giving IS better than receiving

9)  Not having a response to an ignorant comment can be more powerful than having one

10)  Care labels on clothes are there for a reason

11)  Working hard makes life easier, oh the irony

12)  Don’t let birds nest in a wreath on the front door

13)  Flossing is important

14)  Cable TV isn’t worth it when trying to save money

15)  Don’t be afraid to try new things

16)  Everyone wants to feel important and loved, be kind

17)  Don’t make decisions in life soley based on money

18)  Best way to improve a snow cone, add nerds

19)  Never go to the grocery store after church

20)  Go to church

21)  Say your prayers

22)  Drink plenty of H2O

23)  Remember the importance of ports while playing Settlers of Catan

24)  Don’t waste too much time feeling sorry for yourself

25)  You’ll never regret eating ice cream (but see #6)

26)  Be thankful


Wild birthday celebration, not sure what’s going on in the background.  🙂

gift ideas

With a new year upon us that means more birthdays, weddings, graduations, showers, etc.  Here are some gift ideas, and check out my pinterest board (here) for even more ideas!

Lover of all things design:  Bird Alarm Clock – $40

bird alarm clock

Your best friend:  Besties iPhone Case – $25

phone case

The artist:  Calligraphy Return Address Stamp – $26

return address

The wino:  Stacking Wine Glasses – $3.95/ea.

stacking wine glass

Dog lover:  Watchdog Doorstop – $24


Anybody!:  Acylic Monogrammed Keychain – $19.95

monogrammed keychain

On a budget:  Homemade Snack Idea – DCWV Diary blog, put a homemade snack in a ziploc and staple scrapbook paper on the top, then add a bow.

homemade snack

New homeowners:  Housewarming Gift Idea – source unknown, wrap a bottle of wine with a dish towel and tie a ribbon at the top.


The foodie/cook:  Elephant Salt & Pepper Shaker Set – $12.99

sandp shaker

Just in time for Valentines Day:  Letter Press Valentines Day Card Set – $9.99

vday card

Happy birthday/congratulations/many blessings!