more cookies

I’ve made a couple different kinds of cookies since my last cookie post (here).  So here is an update.  I made these Frosted Pumpkin Spiced Cookies:



They were more cakey than I expected, but still delicious.

And then I made these Mrs. Field’s Chocolate Chip Copycat Cookies:



And holy moly were they good.  The trick is to grind up the oats.  Sooo good.  I made 18 and they were gone within 24 hours, not surprising.

I’ve also made the Malted Chocolate Chunk Cookies a couple more times since I first made them, they’re a keeper.

C is for Cookies

I’m a big fan of cookies.  In the last month I’ve averaged one batch per week.  And I think I’m going to keep that pace for the next few months.  And yes – I like to describe my cooking baking habits in the same way athletes describe their workouts.  Goals are goals people.  And it doesn’t matter how you look at it, it takes dedication to keep my cookie quota up.

Here are some cookies I’ve made recently.



These are Malted Chocolate Chunk Cookies and wow…they were delish.  They have chocolate malt powder in them and it makes all the difference.  The recipe can be found here.  Go make these cookies!


These are Brown Sugar Brownie Bars.  Basically a cookie bar if you will.  These are good if you don’t want anything super rich.  Check out the recipe.


These are Brown Sugar Maple Cookies, and I strongly advise them.  They come out looking gooey and under done, but if you let them sit for a while you’ll find that they are actually pure bliss.  So yummy, here is the info.

I also made these chocolate chip cookies.  But didn’t get a pic, because they were super good and we ate them all before I got the chance.  Honest mistake.

Check out my Pinterest Cookie Board for more recipes.  Got to run and flex my cookie baking muscles.  Lata!