inspiring organization

It’s that time of year – Spring cleaning!  Let these pics inspire you to take on organization projects around your home.

9 Decluttering Secrets From Professional Organizers – Real Simple


3 Great Garage Makeovers – Real Simple


Make a Family Binder – 30 Handmade Days

family binder

17 Ways to Make Organizing Fun – Better Homes

closet organing

Clever Closets Around the House – Better Homes

clever closets

Wrap It Up – I Heart Organizing

gift wrap 3

24 Smart Organzing Ideas for Your Kitchen – Real Simple


Frugal Kitchen Organizing Ideas – Ask Anna


For more ideas check out my Organinization.Cleaning board on Pinterest!

how to create a gallery wall

Gallery walls are a great way to fill a big empty wall and add interest to your home.  Right now we have a very small “gallery” above a console table in our living room.




Step 1 – First I ordered some prints, most of these are from Society 6.

Step 2 – I ordered frames to fit the prints from here.

Step 3 – Decide on a layout.  I wanted some balance so I made sure to put the smaller ones on the same side as the larger print, and went from there.

Step 4 – Decide on spacing.  Notice that the outside edges don’t all line up.  Instead I made sure that the spacing between all the frames was about equal.  It’s easiest to lay your frames on a bed or the ground to figure out how you want them to be configured first.

Step 5 – Hang them up!  I started with the larger one in the corner.  I like to put them up against the wall where I want them and then make a small mark with a pencil at the corner of the frame.  Then I measure the back of the frame from the corner to the middle of the hanger.  Then I can just use a ruler to measure over from my small pencil mark to mark where the nail should go.






We have lots of room to grow on the wall we selected; it’ll be easy to add a couple every now and then.  Next I think we’ll do some DIY art so we’ll just need to buy some frames – easy and affordable!

home offices

Some of my favorite home offices:

Classic Casual Home


Be True Image Design

office 2

House Tour of Jesse Loraas

office 3


office 4


office 5

Young House Love

office 6

Source Unknown

office 7

Flickr – Hip Home Offices

office 8

Things I prefer in a good home office:

1)  White – offices can have multiple elements to them, and the white simplifies, unifies, and lightens things up.

2)  Enclosed Storage – file cabinets, drawers, boxes, etc.  Out of sight, out of mind.

3)  Genorous Workspace Area – minimal objects on a desk surface is a must.

One day we plan on re-vamping our office area.  Until then I’ll peruse other people’s offices on Pinterest – almost just as good!  😉

how to make a pretty bed, part II

Back in January I wrote about how to make a pretty bed (read it here).  I finally have pictures of our new bed, and here they are!




We have 3 Euro pillows in the back.  We got the Euro shams from Kohls.  Then we have 2 king pillows with the pillowcases that came with our sheets.  In front of those are 2 standard pillows with printed pillowcases from Kohls.  And in front of THAT are 2 decorative pillows.  The pillow covers are from here.

So there you have it.  A pretty bed = a bed with no shortage of pillows.

valentine’s day decor

I got some Valentine’s Day inspiration from these pins:

vday inspire 1

vday inspire 2

vday inspire 3

I decided to make a heart felt garland myself.  I used different colors of felt, pom-poms, some hemp cord, scissors, and a couple different templates for the hearts (made from cardboard).


Then I made small slits in the sides of each heart to string the hemp cord through.  You can use a craft needle to do this, but I found the the hemp cord went through easy on it’s own after cutting the slits.


Then I made sure that the hearts overlapped just a little bit.


Next I hot glued the overlapping parts of the heart together and then hot glued a pom-pom on top.


I transitioned between the larger hearts and bigger hearts.


And this is the finished project!



I got the X’s & O’s from the craft section at Hobby Lobby.  They were only $2.50 each and could be painted later on if I wanted to mix it up.



The only other decoration I have is this cupid dish towel, kinda ridiculous in an awesome kind of way.


So that’s it for the Valentine’s decor for this year.  Hope everyone feels extra loved on Friday!


bookcase re-styling

Back in November I did a post on styling bookcases, here.  I’ve since made a couple small changes.

Here is what they used to look like:


Here is what they now look like:


Many styling tips and pictures show the books split up with decorative accent pieces inter-mingled with the books.  Although I like that look, it can look cluttered when you have a large bookcase like we do.  So I went ahead and put the books together with a few small objects set in front.  As we get books we can fill out that 4 shelf that we’ve started, and then allocate the second to bottom shelves for frames.  I intend on getting baskets for the very bottom shelves to add some storage.  Here are a couple close-up pics:



So there you have it.  Sometimes it’s nice to switch things up a little, ya know?

how to make a pretty bed

Making a bed is one of those things that many people think is unnecessary, and that’s because it is.  But having a pretty bed has its perks in my opinion.  It gives off a happier vibe than a messy lump of sheets, plus it makes the room seem way more cozy and inviting.  Having a magazine photo shoot bed is not an easy feat, so when we started talking about getting a new bed (upgrading to a king, since our queen is starting to feel more and more mushy) I used this picture from Oh Joy! as inspiration:

oh joy bed

She has a quilt, down comforter with a large printed duvet at the foot of the bed, and tons of pillows.  I’m a fan of quilts over comforters, and we wanted to use blue in our room so we went with this Threshold Vintage Quilt from Target:

threshold quilt blue

Another pic from the Target website:

threshold quilt blue 2

And I prefer to have plain neutral sheets and a cotton blanket under the quilt.  Instead of getting a plain white cotton blanket (what we used to have) we chose these Threshold Organic Blankets from Target:

organic blanket 2

organic blanket 1

Both have a gray undertone and subtle pattern, and are more fun than the basic white blankets.  I like to have a plain down comforter for when it’s cold to put between the cotton blanket and quilt, so we went with this Threshold one from Target (can you tell that there was a sale going on at Target?):

down comforter

We got some off-white sheets, a mattress cover, and pillows from Sams (not interesting enough to show pictures).  We plan on getting Euro pillows with shams and some printed pillowcases.  Eventually we may get a duvet cover to put over the down comforter to put at the end of the bed instead of under the quilt during winter, like how they did on the Oh Joy! blog.  And the bed we chose is this beauty:


Once the bed arrives I’ll put up pictures of the finished product.  Sweet dreams!