jillian michaels

The first big cold front come through last night, which means I did my workout inside today.  I’m not a serious runner, so if the weather isn’t nice (and warmish), I don’t run.  So I thought I’d give a run down of my favorite Jillian Michaels DVDs, because a lot of times that’s what I end up doing.


This one is a great place to start.  It targets the entire body and there are 4 separate workouts (the first is the easiest, fourth is the most difficult), all about 30 minutes long.


This one is a doozy.  Targets the abs, but really you alway end up working everything with Jillian.  3 workouts on this one, runs a little over 30 minutes.  It’s tough, but good!


Similar to the ab one, but targets legs and butt.  3 workouts, and these run a little under 40 minutes.


Good for beginners, even if you’ve never done yoga.  2 workouts, 30 minutes.  I don’t break a big sweat with these, but they are definitely still challenging.


A step up from her first yoga dvd.  Similar format, 2 workouts, 30 minutes.  It’s a fun way to challenge myself.

I used to do particular workouts over and over, but now I just rotate through all of my DVDs and then I’ll start over.  That way I don’t get bored and my body doesn’t get used to do the same thing over and over again.  The great thing about these is that they don’t take a big time commitment and you still get the benefits of working out for a longer amount of time because Jillian is good at bringing the pain…in a good way!

what I’ll most likely be blogging about

This past summer I wrote up a list of things that interest me – my top 10 to be exact.  It was kind of a weird thing to do, but it was fun because I got to think about what I truly enjoy doing.  Plus I thought it would help me mentally simplify my life.  It was nice thinking of certain things and then thinking, ‘nope, that won’t make the list’, and then I’d be all like ‘awesome, one less thing to worry about.’  Am I making sense?  Anyway here it is…

1.  Reading – this is numero uno because I read regularly.  Sometimes I fall off the wagon but in general I read things…my Facebook feed, nutritional facts, etc.  Right now I’m reading ‘Jewel’ by Bret Lott.  It’s one of those Oprah’s Book Club books, but the reason I’m reading it is because it was on sale at the library for 50 cents.  So far it’s pretty good.

2.  Outdoors/Fitness – this is another one that I put high up on the list soley because it’s a regular part of my life.  I like to move around, if I don’t I get cranky, it’s that simple.  Right now since the weather is nice I’ll go on runs.  If the weather isn’t nice I like a good Jillian Michael video, that chick is tough.

3.  Being with Friends & Family – not much to say about this one.  I love my friends and family!

4.  Decorating – I have a degree in interior design, but anyone with that degree will tell you that designing and decorating are two completely different things, and they are, but I like decorating too.  I haven’t decorated anybody else’s home (yet), just my own for now.  We recently moved and if we had tons of money to blow you could bet that I’d spend it on a bunch of house junk…and it’d be awesome.

5.  Crafts/Art/Painting/Smash Book – I lumped these all together because one didn’t stand out above the rest.  I do love my Smash Book though.  I’m not one of those people that DIYs their entire house with DIY furniture, DIY curtains, DIY soap, DIY eye drops, DIY nail clippers…I should stop because I see a future post about this, but I like being creative whenever I feel the urge.

6.  Cooking – Every week or so I’ll get on Pinterest and whip up some new fangled dinner and it usually turns out pretty tasty.  But probably above cooking I like to bake, because I’ve recently discovered that I don’t just love homemade cookies, I’m obsessed with them.

7.  Music/Movies – I like knowing what’s new and hip so I can be in the know with the cool kids.

8.  Photography – And when I say photography, I mean with my iPhone, check this guy out…http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x10d2ve_last-call-with-carson-daly-kevin-russ_news

9.  Travelling – Going on vacation once every 2 months whould be ideal to me.  Why did I put ‘to me’ at the end of that sentence?  Like some people wouldn’t like that?  Colorado, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Nashville, France, etc. etc.  I included this on my top 10 list because although we only take one big trip a year, I spend plenty of time throughout the year just daydreaming about travelling.  So that totally counts as an interest.

10.  Style/Clothes – This is low on the todum pole because I’m not one of those people who shop regularly, but I always feel pretty dang good when I get back home after buying new clothes, so I figured that counts for something.

So there it is.  And when I blog it’ll probably be about one of those things, but maybe not, I really don’t know.  I also wrote a short list of the things that really truly matter to me.  Because sometimes looking at a list of your interests doesn’t give you the best perspective of life.  Here is the short list…

1.  Faith Life

2.  Family

3.  Friends

4.  Health

I think everyone should make their own lists.  It’d be fun and personalized and then when you meet new people you could ask to see their list and you could be like, ‘no way would we have anything to talk about’ or ‘oh my gosh!  I think I just found my new best friend!”.  Maybe it’ll catch on.