valentine’s day decor

I got some Valentine’s Day inspiration from these pins:

vday inspire 1

vday inspire 2

vday inspire 3

I decided to make a heart felt garland myself.  I used different colors of felt, pom-poms, some hemp cord, scissors, and a couple different templates for the hearts (made from cardboard).


Then I made small slits in the sides of each heart to string the hemp cord through.  You can use a craft needle to do this, but I found the the hemp cord went through easy on it’s own after cutting the slits.


Then I made sure that the hearts overlapped just a little bit.


Next I hot glued the overlapping parts of the heart together and then hot glued a pom-pom on top.


I transitioned between the larger hearts and bigger hearts.


And this is the finished project!



I got the X’s & O’s from the craft section at Hobby Lobby.  They were only $2.50 each and could be painted later on if I wanted to mix it up.



The only other decoration I have is this cupid dish towel, kinda ridiculous in an awesome kind of way.


So that’s it for the Valentine’s decor for this year.  Hope everyone feels extra loved on Friday!