it’s that time of year

It’s our first year as homeowners therefore decorating for Christmas was pretty exciting.  We don’t have a bunch of stuff, but I think it turned out okay for our 1st year here.  Take a look.



I was going to be crafty and make our own wreath, but I saw this at Hobby Lobby for 1/2 off and thought, naaah this’ll work.




The trees on the table are hand-me-downs and the glassware and ornaments are all from Hobby Lobby.  Not exactly what I would want here in the future, but it works for this year.


Mom started a tradition growing up where we did a Christmas puzzle every year and then she had it framed.  This one is from 2008.  Mike and I had just started dating and worked on this one together.



I was looking for card holders but this way saves some money.  It’s 2-1/2 yards of pom-poms and mini clothespins.  I just tacked it up onto the shelf.  Next year I may hang it up on a wall.


Hand-me-down Santa figurine and seasonal Scentsy from Mom in the kitchen.


Christmas towels!




I used our thankful tree and added some ornaments and it became a Christmas tree, easy enough.  The print in the black frame Mom got me from an antique store.  The frame is from Hobby Lobby (as you can see I’m a big advocate of Hobby Lobby).





The mantel isn’t exactly what I envisioned, but again, for our 1st year having a fireplace this works.  The ceramic ornaments are from Kirklands, the trees are from Hobby Lobby, and the adorable stocking hanger is from Mom.  I don’t have any stockings up yet because I’ve decided to make them myself, wish me luck!




Over in the corner with the tree is this awesome star Santa (hand-me-down) and Christmas pillow from Kohls.



On the console behind the sofa is our manger and mini tree.  The ornaments on the mini tree are handmade or sentimental.


In the guest room I have these guys to liven up the place.

And here are a couple pictures of the tree at night.



We have a handful of random ornaments in there along with some blue, white, and silver ornaments from Hobby Lobby.  I also use silver beads wrapped around the tree along with some white berries spread out sporadically.

And that’s it folks, thanks for stopping by!

thankful tree

I got this idea from the Simply Vintagegirl blog.  I loved it because it was easy to do and it has a nice sentiment.  I did mine a little different so here is a short tutorial.

I got my supplies from Hobby Lobby.  The jar was originally $20, but I used their 40% coupon so it ended up being $12.  The ribbon was a couple bucks.


It’s been raining a bunch around here lately and we were worried that we’d have a hard time finding some dry sticks for this project, so we sprung for a faux stick, $7.


We chose a few different colors of paper (we mimicked autumn leaf colors of course), but printed paper would be cool too.


Then we used a votive candle holder to trace circles and then cut them out.  A hole punch was used for the holes (duh).


To complete the project we wrote things we are thankful for on the circles, put them on our faux stick, and voila! a thankful tree.


I was a little premature with this project, since Halloween isn’t even over yet, but I couldn’t resist.  Right now the tree looks a bit Charlie Brownish.  Mike likes it that way, but I’m thinking we may add some more circles later.  And before I end this post, here is a picture of Mike being weird at Hobby Lobby and spelling out my name.


I love him. 🙂