happy birthday anners

Anne was put on this earth for many, many reasons (obviously), but one of them was to complete my life.  I vividly remember hoping and wishing for a baby sister for years.  Any assignment at school that asked “if you could wish for one thing, what would it be?” – little sister was the answer.  I had to wait 10 years, but then I got one!


You can only imagine how extremely excited I was and Anne did not disappoint, in fact, she exceeded expectations.  She was (and still is) super adorable, out-going, funny, and so very sweet.  She was much more out-going and confidant than me as a child, and I loved watching to see what she was going to do next.


When she was a baby I loved to spend every waking minute with her.  I loved to get her from her crib, change her clothes, change her diapers, read to her, etc.  When she was a toddler I loved to spend lots of time with her too.  I’d take her to the park, paint her nails, bake cookies with her, play games, etc. etc.  Mike loves the story I tell about how if I heard the ice cream truck I’d get into my piggy bank, pick Anne up, and run after the ice cream truck (holding Anne) to get her a popsicle.  Anne did not go without when she was with me.


I wasn’t always the perfect sister though.  I remember getting frustrated with her and yelling at her.  Then I’d quickly feel so guilty – because look at how adorable she is? – and I’d start to cry; no joke, it was pathetic.  I remember Anne coming up to me and asking me what was wrong, and I told her I felt bad because I was mean to her.  She then gave me a big hug and told me that it was okay.  That Anne has a heart of gold.  🙂

AMB-2007-10-05-JOGATHON (5)

Picture from the Jog-a-thon at Anne’s school.  You’d think by the picture that she ran a bunch, but you’d be wrong.  She walked and managed to go by every water spray bottle station she passed.  Classic Anne.

One of my favorite memories of having Anne as a little sister growing up was how she’d sneak into my bed at night – almost 7 nights a week at one point.  It was pretty funny because her head was barely taller than the bed, but she’d grab and pull her way up.  And she’d take multiple trips to bring in all her stuffed animals.  On weekends she’d sit on top of me in the mornings and pry my eyelids open.  I’d awaken to a smiling face and about a million stuffed animals around me.


I have so many memories with little Anne and now I’m making many memories with big Anne.  I guess she can’t be little anymore now that she is turning 16!  That is beyond weird.  She is such an amazing person.  There aren’t many people I’d do just about anything for, but she is one of them.

FAMILY-2007-HAWAII-DAY12 (986)

Happy birthday Anners, I love you very much.

4 year anniversary

Today is Mike’s and my 4th anniversary!  Grammatically I have no idea the correct way to say that.

Here are some of my favorite things about Mike – don’t worry, nothing too mushy.

#1 – Hilarious

In fact we woke up today laughing until it hurt, but that was more my doing because I was telling him about a dream I’d had with a demented doll and zombie horses…anyway…  The most tried and true way for Mike to get me to crack up is when he tries (keyword) to dance.  Oh.  My.  Gosh.

facebook 9

#2 – Game For Whatever

This is important.  Mike is no thrill seeker but if I wanted to scuba dive with sharks he’d be game…maybe.

pic 17

#3 – Easy To Please

I almost didn’t put this one because it sounds suggestive, don’t be a perve!  But seriously, all it takes to improve Mike’s day is some Candy Crush…or Jeopardy…or food (duh).

newspaper pic

#4 – Nothing To Prove

At times this can be annoying, but overall it’s a great trait.  Although he is very competitive (ask him about his hands after being on the high-low silos at Silver Dollar City), he basically never tries to impress people, like ever, which ends up making him seem way more impressive.  Well played Mike, well played.


#5 – Kind

So generic, right?  But he is!  I think everyone can be mean-spirited from time to time but Mike would be very, very low on that spectrum.


There are many more things that I adore about Mike (obviously) but I don’t want him to get mad at me for listing all them here.  He’d probably say it’s embarrassing and that now he has no mystery.  True.  Happy 4th Anniversary Mike!  I love you.