craft closet

We had a bunch of available space in one of our pantries in the kitchen.


See.  Not much going on.  I thought it’d make for a great craft closet.  Especially since all of my craft supplies were dumped into a couple big baskets, not very accessible.  So I cleared out that particular cabinet and went to get some storage bins.  I got:

6 plastic shoe tubs from Walmart – 94 cents each

2 small drawer organizers from Walmart – 5.57 each

2 paper storage units from Target – 6.84 each

So the whole project cost a little over $30.


crafts closet

Nothing is labeled right now, I may do that later.  There is plenty of room and the shelves can be moved up or down if I need to rearrange in the future.






This is much more user friendly than digging into a couple deep baskets.  Looking forward to putting it to good use!

drawer organization

Our junk drawer in our kitchen was really getting on my nerves.  I’ll admit that I organized it before taking a “before” picture.  But I tried to re-create it (I’m not nerdy at all!) and here is basically what it was looking like.


I had gotten an organizer from Bed Bath & Beyond a while back and it was failing miserably at keeping the drawer organized.

First I got rid of a few things that were in the drawer but didn’t belong there (not shown).  Then I decided to get a couple small supplemental organizers from Walmart, about $3 each.  The finished mini-project looks like this.




Not perfect, but an improvement.  The key is making sure the organizer fills up the entire drawer.  If the organizer is too small for the drawer a few of these skinny ones from Walmart fill the space great.

And there you have it, a super nerdy post on this fine Tuesday.

the power of list making

I’ve heard people saying that writing is cathartic.  It allows you to get all your thoughts and feelings out on paper.  I’ll journal every now and then but the bulk of my writing is done by making lists.

list making

Anatomy of the List

I make lists for just about anything.  Some of them are short term lists – grocery list/meal planning, things to do for the day, things to do for the next couple days.  And some are long term lists – things to buy eventually (ex. buy citronella candles), things to do (spend more time figuring out my camera, specific crafts/projects I want to tackle).

Sticky Notes are Crucial

If there is something of great importance that I need to remember to do in the near future I put it on a sticky note and then put that on top of my list.  This way it’s the first thing I see.

Make Your Own Check Boxes

Yes, I do that.  But I think everyone can agree that checking off your to-do list (especially if you have boxes to check off) is extremely satisfying.

Importance of Editing/Consolidating Lists

And I’m always editing.  My long term list I keep in a notebook and once it’s been scribbled on and items have been crossed out I’ll rip out the page and transfer the up to date list onto a new piece of paper.

For short term lists I like using index cards and then I trash them after a couple days.

The fewer lists I have the better I feel.  So consolidating is a must.  This will make me sound crazy but if I have consolidated, organized lists my life feels more put together.  I know, crazy.  This is how I know my life is good, when all it takes to “fix” my life is to write a list.


This post is ridiculous, I know that.  But never underestimate the power of list making…ever!  Have a great Memorial Day weekend!


inspiring organization

It’s that time of year – Spring cleaning!  Let these pics inspire you to take on organization projects around your home.

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family binder

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closet organing

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clever closets

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For more ideas check out my Organinization.Cleaning board on Pinterest!

closet organization

The first night in our new house Mike and I stayed up super late organizing our closet, because how can you function without a closet?  You can’t.  I wouldn’t say it’s in perfect working order, but it’s a pretty good set-up.  So if you are in need of a closet re-vamp here is a little inspiration.



Built-ins and baskets are a must for any closet and we keep our hamper underneath (totally threw all of the dirty clothes on our bathroom floor before taking this pic, you don’t need to see that).



We use the beige bins for sweaters we don’t want to hang, gloves, hats, ear muffs, and other random stuff.  I have 3 long brown baskets.  2 of them I use for storing shoes, 1 for flats & 1 for sandals.  It saves a lot of space.  The 3rd basket I use for tank tops and camisoles, basically small tops that don’t need to be hung.


Spring/Summer clothes and dresses on top.  I wanted these on top since they are smaller and lighter, so the closet doesn’t feel like it’s closing in on you as much…you know?


Fall/Winter clothes on bottom.


Behind the door are vests, jackets, coats, scarves (I use one of these), and belts (I use one of these).  Below that are more shoes (running shoes, heels).


Above that are boots and 2 big baskets.  One is used for sheets (why are these not in the linen closet?…hmm) and the other is used for all my bags.

So that’s it in a nutshell.  If your closet is too overwhelming to even think about organizing it, look here and I’ll get it done for you!