good deeds

I was sitting in church recently and I became inspired to start doing more good deeds.  My goal being one good deed a week.  I began looking around on Pintrest and here are some ideas that I’ve found.

52 weeks

160 random acts of kindness from my three bittles blog.  Check it out here.

one good deed

This journal is filled with ideas for good deeds, and then you list the date that you completed each one.  Buy it here.

25 things

Loved these ideas for around Christmas from the perfect kind of chaos blog.


One of my favorites.  Packages made for the homeless to keep in your car.

I thought that doing a good deed every week will help me keep things in perspective and (hopefully) make someone else’s day brighter.  Plus I know it’ll end up improving my day too.  I try to do my part (be nice to strangers, recycle, say yes when asked to donate $1) but I know I could do so much more, so that’s what I’m going to try and do!