quilted stockings

I got the inspiration to take on this project from Pinterest (duh).


I learned to sew when I was about 15, and it’d been since that time that I’d sewn anything.  But I decided to whip out the ole sewing machine and give it a try.

First, I had to go to Joann’s and get a rotary cutter, mat, and ruler.  If you download their app they have a 50% off coupon, so it ended up being $30 instead of $60 for everything.


I got my fabrics from Hobby Lobby.  They came in a little bundle of 5, so I got 2.  The stockings would probably have been cuter if I’d selected each fabric myself, but this saved time and money.  I also got some thin batting and fabric for the stocking cuffs and liner.

Next I cut out all my squares at 2.5 x 2.5.  54 per side, 108 in all.  And set them out how I wanted them (with Mike’s help).



I kept a piece of paper on top to remind myself who was whose and if it was for the front or back.

Then I sewed the pieces together using this youtube tutorial to help me.  The pressing of the seams is important!


Next I quilted each of these 4 pieces together with batting and liner at a diagonal.  It was pretty easy to just follow the corners.  I found that quilting every other line first (while alternating directions) and then going back to fill in the rest of the lines makes it come out a little flatter.  I didn’t take a picture of this step, probably because at that point I was getting pretty tired.

Then I laid my stocking pattern over the quilt, pinned it down so it stayed in place, and cut around it.  I got my stocking pattern from here.



I used this youtube tutuorial to sew together the stockings and add the cuff and loops for hanging.  My cuff pieces were 9 x 17 and my loop piece was 2.5 x 6.5.





And finally I was finished!  It was quite the project, but it was worth it.


give thanks banner

I guess I’ve just been feeling thankful lately!  So I decided to make one of those burlap banners for our fireplace, to say ‘give thanks’.  They are everywhere on Pinterest, and I wasn’t sure how to execute the project, but what I came up with worked great and was super easy.

First I made a triangle on Microsoft Word, I played around with the size until I settled on one.  I cut the triangle out and traced it onto the burlap, 11 times to be exact.  And then I cut out the triangles.  Notice that the top part of my triangles looks cut off and that’s because I wanted to know where I should fold over the top (see next step).


I then went to my sewing machine and pinned down the top of one of my triangles (at the slanted top edge) and sewed a straight line across to form a pouch for the twine to go through.


After that I went ahead and fed the twine through all of the buntings with this twine.  It’s very thin.


Then I found a font I liked, it was this one, and printed out the letters I needed onto cardstock.  I played around with the size of the font to make sure it’d work.  The cardstock I used was very similar in color to the burlap.


Next I cut out the letters and used rubber cement to adhere them to the burlap.  Technically the letters could be pried off, but I’m not too worried about it.  And here is the finished project!





Pretty easy!