smash book update 6.24

I’ve done a few additions to my smash book, mainly using things from our recent Charleston & Savannah vacation.  For other smash book posts check out this, this, and this.


More game scores, a thank you card, Silver Dollar City tickets, and magazine clippings.  Random.


Charleston & Savannah stuff


Our itinerary and a brochure that folds out into…


this map of Savannah.


Magazine article about bulbs.  Random.

As you can tell my one rule for my smash books is to make them as random as possible, it makes it no stress.  🙂

smash book update 5.16

I haven’t done a post on my smash book for a while.  Here are my latest spreads.





Lots of game score sheets.


More stuff from magazines.




Flowers we planted (more on that here) and Mike’s swim team banquet brochure.



Mike’s race day number and route.


As usual, lots of randomness.  But it’s easy to do and fun to flip through.

Have a great weekend!

smash book update 2.20

I recently finished my second smash book.  Here were the last couple pages.


These layouts include magazine cutouts, a napkin I doodled on while waiting for my niece to be born, pictures, and smash pad tear-outs.




I liked the last page too much to put anything on it.


Then I started my 3rd smash book, it’s the green one and the pages are probably my favorite.  I liked the front page on this one too, so I left it bare.


I’ve only done a couple spreads and here they are.


In these I had a newspaper cutout, ticket, menu, smash pad tear-out, and more crud from magazines.




So here are all 3 of my Smash Books thus far.


And my supplies haven’t changed at all except for maybe a few stickers courtesy of Mike.


For more Smash Book inspiration you can check out my previous posts here, here, and here!

smash book update

I only have a couple more pages of my current (and 2nd) Smash Book.  Here are some of the most recent pages that I’ve done.


This page has the scores of a card game that we played with friends.


The page on the left is an article on organization tips that I cut out of Real Simple.  The page on the right already had the big sentence so I colored it some, but didn’t cover it up.


Mostly cutouts from magazines and a tear out from one of the smash book notepads.


Christmas gift tags that my Mom had made.


Our Christmas card on the left along with bowling scores on the right.

For more Smash Book inspiration click here and here!

more smash booking

With all the snow and the terrible road conditions I had time to catch up on my Smash Book.  Here are some more pics.


This spread has some brainstorming ideas for our snow cone stand logo that we had this past summer.



There are more ideas on my previous post, here.  But basically if I see anything in a magazine that I like, or any other random pieces of paper I’d like to keep (I have a game score sheet shown in the last pic), I throw them into a pile.  Then once I get the time I sit down and throw it all in there.  I only have a small box of supplies, which works because the paper is so cool I wouldn’t want to cover it up too much anyway.




Love these, because it’s a place to put all the random stuff I want to keep but wouldn’t know what to do with otherwise.  And it’s something to do during winter storms when you’re stuck inside. :/

smash it

If you haven’t heard of Smash Books, I highly recommend looking into them.  They are basically scrapbooks for people who don’t want to spend a lot of time scrapbooking.  They are easy to use, and the best part is that you can’t mess them up.  Just put stuff in at random and it’ll come out looking cool, thanks to all the awesome paper inside.  I started one last year and finished it earlier this year.  This is the completed one (I used a bunch of Sharpies to color the front):


And here is a pic of the one I’m working on now with some of my supplies:


The main things you need to start this process are just pens, markers, scissors, and glue.  I get my books from Amazon.  Searching for ‘Smash Book’ will pull up all the different kinds of Smash Books along with extra supplies like the little smash pads in the top right of the picture.  Everything is reasonably priced, and each book has different themed paper inside.  Here are some pics of the inside of my current Smash Book.





Most of this is just cutouts from magazines.  I also used quite a few of the smash pad pages in these layouts.  I’ve also put in ticket stubs, broshures of places we’ve been, menus, pictures, fabrics, etc.  Sometimes if I’m putting something in that’s a bit bulkier I just use a stapler instead of glue or tape.  Stickers and washi tape are always useful for any empty spaces.  And of course the scrapbooking aisle at Target or Hobby Lobby has tons of stuff.   If you need inspiration just consult the blogosphere for ideas.  I liked this idea from Carissa Graham, so cool.

Smash books are great because it’s a way to file away all those random little things you keep and have no idea what to do with.  I was going to end this post with a super corny, get smashing!, but that seems a little over the top.  How about…don’t trash it, smash it! or smash it up people!…okay I’m done.