metallic pumpkins

Our dining table was looking pretty bare so we went to a pumpkin patch and got 4 mini pumpkins and wrapped them in some berry twine from Michaels.



But it was missing something, so I spray painted them metallic gold with this spray paint:


It took all of 5 minutes (tops), and they turned out like this:




Much more festive.  I need a runner for the table too, but I haven’t found one that speaks to me, ya know?

And since I posted my Halloween decorations I’ll show a couple of my T’giving doodads.


Meet Mr. & Mrs. Pilgrim.  They took the spot of my mini tricker-treaters, shown here.


This took the spot of my happy halloween sign, also shown here.


And my ‘give thanks’ banner, tutorial here.

That’s all for now folks, almost 2 weeks until Thanksgiving!

give thanks banner

I guess I’ve just been feeling thankful lately!  So I decided to make one of those burlap banners for our fireplace, to say ‘give thanks’.  They are everywhere on Pinterest, and I wasn’t sure how to execute the project, but what I came up with worked great and was super easy.

First I made a triangle on Microsoft Word, I played around with the size until I settled on one.  I cut the triangle out and traced it onto the burlap, 11 times to be exact.  And then I cut out the triangles.  Notice that the top part of my triangles looks cut off and that’s because I wanted to know where I should fold over the top (see next step).


I then went to my sewing machine and pinned down the top of one of my triangles (at the slanted top edge) and sewed a straight line across to form a pouch for the twine to go through.


After that I went ahead and fed the twine through all of the buntings with this twine.  It’s very thin.


Then I found a font I liked, it was this one, and printed out the letters I needed onto cardstock.  I played around with the size of the font to make sure it’d work.  The cardstock I used was very similar in color to the burlap.


Next I cut out the letters and used rubber cement to adhere them to the burlap.  Technically the letters could be pried off, but I’m not too worried about it.  And here is the finished project!





Pretty easy!

thankful tree

I got this idea from the Simply Vintagegirl blog.  I loved it because it was easy to do and it has a nice sentiment.  I did mine a little different so here is a short tutorial.

I got my supplies from Hobby Lobby.  The jar was originally $20, but I used their 40% coupon so it ended up being $12.  The ribbon was a couple bucks.


It’s been raining a bunch around here lately and we were worried that we’d have a hard time finding some dry sticks for this project, so we sprung for a faux stick, $7.


We chose a few different colors of paper (we mimicked autumn leaf colors of course), but printed paper would be cool too.


Then we used a votive candle holder to trace circles and then cut them out.  A hole punch was used for the holes (duh).


To complete the project we wrote things we are thankful for on the circles, put them on our faux stick, and voila! a thankful tree.


I was a little premature with this project, since Halloween isn’t even over yet, but I couldn’t resist.  Right now the tree looks a bit Charlie Brownish.  Mike likes it that way, but I’m thinking we may add some more circles later.  And before I end this post, here is a picture of Mike being weird at Hobby Lobby and spelling out my name.


I love him. 🙂