charleston and savannah vacation

I’m back from a week long hiatus due to our vacation!  We went to Charleston, NC and Savannah, GA, and it was a blast!  Here are some things that we did that I’d strongly recommend if you ever visit the area:

The first day we were in Charleston we ended up just parking downtown and walking around.  There are tons of shops that were fun to walk into and they even have a cookie bar on King Street, which obviously I recommend.


And in the early evening we drove over the Ravenel Bridge and parked at the Mount Pleasant Pier.  Mount Pleasant Pier is right across the river and has a nice park and a super long pier (free to public).  This was actually one of my favorite things we did.  We got an amazing view of the Ravenel Bridge.


The 2nd day we were in Charleston we took a couple tours.  One was a walking tour where we got to hear a lot of the history of Charleston.


And the other was a harbor tour that we took on a catamaran.


Both were fun, but I’d be weary of doing them in the heat of the summer.

The 3rd day was spent on Sullivan’s Island at the beach – only about a 15 minute drive from Charleston.  We got there early (9:30) to get a parking spot and basically had the beach to ourself for a good while.  When we left in the early afternoon there were more people, but it never got crowded.  And we saw dolphins!  We heard this particular island didn’t have as many restaurants and fun things to do (compared to Folly Beach and Isle of Palms), but that it was still nice.  It’s a good one to go to if you’re just wanting to go for the beach.


That same evening we went to Hyman’s for dinner.  It’s a very well known restaurant in the area and was a lot of fun, I strongly recommend it – yum.  After dinner we walked around Charleston’s City Market, which was right by Hyman’s.


The following day we spent a little time in Charleston before heading to Savannah.  Once in Savannah we did what we first had done in Charleston, parked the car and walked around the historic district some.  Then we ate at the Pirate’s House, and oh my gosh, so good.  I was feeling it after this one since we’d just had a heavy meal the day before at Hyman’s.  But it was worth it.


Then we drove to Tybee Island, which is where we were staying while in the Savannah area.  Tybee is about 25 minutes from downtown Savannah, so a little longer, but an easy drive.  Tybee Island ended up being a little more – for the lack of a better word – trashy than we had thought, but by the end of our stay there we ended up liking it.  They have an awesome pier, which was right next to our hotel, that you can walk on for free.  In the evening we walked along the pier and around town.


Our 2nd day in Georgia we spent most of the day in Savannah.  We woke up early and checked in for our Old Town Trolley Tour, this ended up being another one of my favorite things that we did.  First of all, we got to park in their car barn for free, which is basically a little warehouse.  That was nice because at the end of the tour we didn’t have to go back to a blazing hot vehicle.

And the tour was awesome!  The entire time they drive around they give you a history of Savannah.  There are 16 stops and you are able to get off at any of them.  They run the trolleys so that every 15 minutes another trolley will be at the stop to pick you up and the tour picks up from there, so you never miss anything.  Mike and I got off at 4 of the 16 stops and we started the tour at 10 and were heading back to Tybee around 4.  We stopped at the City Market.


We stopped at Forsyth Park.


We stopped at the Cathedral of St. John.


And we stopped on River Street (where we ate lunch).


After all that intense fun we spent the 3rd day in Tybee on the beach.  It was somewhat crowded by the afternoon, but not too bad.  The water felt amazing.  And some dude found a horseshoe crab, which look like this:


So that was crazy.  In the evening we went to see the Tybee lighthouse, which was pretty cool.  We also walked on the beach and the pier again.



It was a really fun trip and I definitely recommend visiting both places if you ever get the chance. 🙂

travel destinations

I’m a wannabe globetrotter.  And here are just a few of the places I’d like to visit.

Pacific Coast Highway, California

Pacific Coast Highway, California

Santorini, Greece


Horseshoe Bend, Colorado River, Grand Canyon

Horshoe Bend, Colorado River, Grand Canyon

Bora Bora

Bora Bora

Costa Rica

Costa Rica



St. Lucia

St. Lucia

Grand Teton National Park

Grand Teton National Park

Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef

View of the Mont Blonc at Le Panoramique restaurant in Le Brevent, Chamonix, France

View of the Mont Blonc at Le Panoramique restaurant in Le Brevent, Chamonix, France

Cenote dive at Peninsule de Yucatan, Mexico

Cenote diving, Peninsule de Yucatan, Mexico

Machu Picchu, Peru

machu picchu

For more travel destinations check out my pinterest board.  I wonder how many I’ll be able to check off the list! 🙂