I take lots of pictures throughout the year and I used to print them all off and put them in photo albums.  I began to realize that at the rate I was going I was going to need a whole lot of space to hold the big clunky albums I had.  Then I saw this idea on Young House Love and loved it!

I use My Publisher.  You download the program (only takes a few seconds) and can choose to either have the program make a book for you or make one yourself.  I choose to make one myself, it takes more time but you’re able to configure the pictures just how you want them.  There is a 100  page limit, but I kinda of like that, it makes you have to select the very best photos.

Cost for one of these is about $109 + shipping BUT they have discounts all the time.  I waited for a 70% off discount and got mine for only $45 and that includes shipping!

Here are some pics of our most recent yearbook for 2013:


I put in a “table of contents” at the front with the highlights from the year:


And here are a few pages from the book:




Our yearbook from 2012 is a little different, here are couple pics of that one:



We liked how this one turned out too, but we decided to go with the fabric cover this time around.

And here they are sitting on our cabinet next to the fireplace:




I think we’ll be sticking to this system.  It’s an efficient way to keep all those memories alive!  Definitely worth the small amount of time and money in my opinion.  🙂