trying a gluten free diet

gluten free

Like I said in my post from Tuesday, I’m trying a gluten free diet.  I have a sensitive stomach and wanted to see if it helps.  I won’t go into all the science of it, but if you want to research how gluten affects your body you can look here, here, and here for starters.  The last source is about Celiac Disease, but still has a lot of information on what gluten can do to the body.  Here is what I’ve decided for myself as far as how gluten affects me:

Less Stomach Pain – I haven’t got nearly as many stomach aches, in fact, none at all.  I’ll need to continue not eating gluten for a while to make sure that it is directly related.

Much Easier to Run – This was the moment I realized that either there has been a huge coincidence or my body benefits from cutting back on the gluten.  I run, but I’m not a runner.  I have flat feet and my stomach normally always ends up hurting (even if I wait hours after eating to run).  I decided to go on a short 2 mile run yesterday and ended up running 4 without stopping.  That basically never happens to me.  If I run 4 miles I usually end up walking 1/2 a mile, and it doesn’t feel so good.  My stomach didn’t hurt once, which is out of the ordinary for me.  Now if I can just figure out what to do about my flat feet…

Not Eating Gluten Isn’t That Hard – It may seem hard to believe, especially since you can’t eat any of these ingredients, the main ones being wheat and flour.  But if you’re eating at home it’s really not too bad.  There are a ton of gluten free recipes online.

Cutting Back On Gluten Is Better Than Nothing (hopefully) – My plan is to continue going easy on the gluten.  I’m going to see if I still get some benefits (no stomach pain, easier runs) by limiting my gluten intake but not banning it from my diet all together.  I’m sure at times I’ll crave some pancakes, cookies, or pasta.

Listen To Your Body – Although I’ll enjoy some occasional flour (yum!) I want to make sure I listen to my body.  This article will really freak you out if you have Celiacs or are sensitive to gluten.  Basically if your stomach is hurting a lot that means your intestines are inflamed and eventually you could die from it (wait – what?!), so I plan to take it easy on the gluten if that’s the case.

Read The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan – This book isn’t about being gluten free, it’s about everything we eat and how it affects us.  It is fascinating and you’ll never look at food the same.  Kinda makes since that we are eating wayyy too much grain after reading this.

So if you have consistent symptoms that may be linked to a gluten intolerance give a gluten free diet a try, maybe just cutting back will help you feel much better!  P.S.  I’m not a doctor, just a suggestion.