what i’m pinning lately

I have a slight obsession with Pinterest.  Here are some of my favorite recent pins:

DIY Watercolor Mug – Poppytalk

diy watercolor mug

White Bedding With Blue Accents – Heidi Claire

white bedding

Maya Angelou Quote – Sugarboo & Co.

maya agngelou

DIY Confetti Stix – Best Friends For Frosting


Boots – Outfit Ideas


Brownie Cookie Checkerboard – Very Best Baking


Gold Feather Earrings – Etsy


DIY Cactus Pillow – Everything Emily


Gotta love Pinterest.  ❤

101st post

Yesterday was my 100th post – hard to believe!  Since I didn’t do anything to commemorate that yesterday I thought I’d commemorate my 101st post instead by listing a few of the reasons I blog.

1)  Creative Outlet – I’ve thought of quiting my blog many times.  Not because I don’t enjoy it, but because it’s hard to think of something to write about 3 times a week.  But I think of it as a challenge, and it ends up forcing me to be creative.

2)  Gives Me Perspective – Writing inspirational posts helps me to refocus my priorities and gives me a positive outlook on life.

3)  Documents Life – It’ll be fun to look back at food I made, projects I did, books I enjoyed, etc.

Those are the main reasons I’ve been blogging these last several months.  I’m not sure how long I’ll continue blogging, but for now I think I’ll keep it up.



In this day in age simplifying is not “in”.  It’s easy to be a sucker to the endless advertising and marketing, but I’m always comforted when I realize I actually feel much better with less.  Slow down and read these awesome reminders…





little things


The last one I included because living in a self-centric society can make it hard for me to not fall into selfish tendencies.  Ideally if I’m simplifying my life then I am better able to give to others, win-win.  🙂  For another post on simplifying click here.


top 5 magazines

My top 5 favorite magazines…

Real Simple – I subscribe to this one and it’s great!  It has some of the best articles in my opinion.

real simple

Better Homes & Garden – I also subscribe to this one.  Their recipes are my favorite and they photograph beautiful homes.

better homes

People Style Watch – It’s like People but only with fashion.  It’s a fun one to flip through poolside.

style watch

Shape & Self & Health – There are a ton of fitness magazines, and they are all pretty similar.  I like to flip through these three.  They actually have good recipes too.


Redbook – I only recently discovered this magazine.  I knew it existed, but I didn’t realize how much I’d like it!  Thinking I may need to get a subscription to this one.


Sometimes I want a break from reading books and during those times nothing beats a good stack of magazines.  🙂


We made a trip to Homegoods today.  Gotta love Homegoods.  Here are some of the cool things that we found.


I loved this lamp, loved.


And I loved this lamp.  I love lamp.


There were a ton of cute notecards like this…


…and like this.


Thought this was pretty nifty, but what would you use it for?  I don’t know.

As far as what we ended up getting…2 pillows (ours are getting flat and I’m not a fan of a flat pillow), a cutting board (our two small ones weren’t cutting it), and this pretty box:



It’d be easy to burn too much money at good ole Homegoods, but we did pretty good.  It was hard to leave those lamps behind though, I’m not going to lie.  And it was REALLY hard to leave this guy behind: