summer bucket list

The first day of summer is still a ways away (June 21), but it feels like summer to me!  Here are some things on my Summer Bucket List.

1)  Lake Trip

Probably one of the things I look forward to the most in summer.

lake trip

2)  Make S’mores

I’m sure I’ll be able to knock this one out while at the lake – yum.


3)  Vacation!

This year it’s going to be Charleston and Savannah, and I can’t wait!


4)  Yard Games

Cornhole, croquet, ladderball, etc.


5)  Flea Market

Find flea markets in your area here.

flea market

6)  Cookout

Easy and delicious.  One of my favorites to cook out is this foil dinner.


7)  Outdoor Concert

Here in NWA we have an awesome venue, the amp.

the amp

8)  Float Trip

Another one of my favorites.  Float trips are the best.  Picture is from the Buffalo River.

float trip

9)  Watermelon & Lemonade & Ice Cream Sandwiches

This is a 3 in 1, but these are things I never eat normally, but taste delicious in the summer.


10)  Berry Picking

Find a local farm where you can pick your own berries, fun and delicious.

berry picking

I. Love. Summer.

drawer organization

Our junk drawer in our kitchen was really getting on my nerves.  I’ll admit that I organized it before taking a “before” picture.  But I tried to re-create it (I’m not nerdy at all!) and here is basically what it was looking like.


I had gotten an organizer from Bed Bath & Beyond a while back and it was failing miserably at keeping the drawer organized.

First I got rid of a few things that were in the drawer but didn’t belong there (not shown).  Then I decided to get a couple small supplemental organizers from Walmart, about $3 each.  The finished mini-project looks like this.




Not perfect, but an improvement.  The key is making sure the organizer fills up the entire drawer.  If the organizer is too small for the drawer a few of these skinny ones from Walmart fill the space great.

And there you have it, a super nerdy post on this fine Tuesday.

the power of list making

I’ve heard people saying that writing is cathartic.  It allows you to get all your thoughts and feelings out on paper.  I’ll journal every now and then but the bulk of my writing is done by making lists.

list making

Anatomy of the List

I make lists for just about anything.  Some of them are short term lists – grocery list/meal planning, things to do for the day, things to do for the next couple days.  And some are long term lists – things to buy eventually (ex. buy citronella candles), things to do (spend more time figuring out my camera, specific crafts/projects I want to tackle).

Sticky Notes are Crucial

If there is something of great importance that I need to remember to do in the near future I put it on a sticky note and then put that on top of my list.  This way it’s the first thing I see.

Make Your Own Check Boxes

Yes, I do that.  But I think everyone can agree that checking off your to-do list (especially if you have boxes to check off) is extremely satisfying.

Importance of Editing/Consolidating Lists

And I’m always editing.  My long term list I keep in a notebook and once it’s been scribbled on and items have been crossed out I’ll rip out the page and transfer the up to date list onto a new piece of paper.

For short term lists I like using index cards and then I trash them after a couple days.

The fewer lists I have the better I feel.  So consolidating is a must.  This will make me sound crazy but if I have consolidated, organized lists my life feels more put together.  I know, crazy.  This is how I know my life is good, when all it takes to “fix” my life is to write a list.


This post is ridiculous, I know that.  But never underestimate the power of list making…ever!  Have a great Memorial Day weekend!


mani-pedi combos

Summer is just around the corner, and that means one thing…exposed feet (exactly what you were thinking, right?)!  Have your toes looking cute for the summer with these fun color combos for a mani-pedi.


Zoya – Cole

orange zoya

Essie – She Said Yes



China Glaze – That’s Shore Bright


Essie – Watermelon

essie watermelon


Zoya – Avril

zoya avril

L’oreal – Sweet Nothings

loreal sweet nothings


L’oreal – Butterfly Kisses

loreal butterfly kisses

OPI – I Eat Mainely Lobster

opi i eat


Get your paint on.

power of positive thinking

This is something I’m always trying to remember, because it is so true!  For some, being positive comes easier than others.  But I never want to be the person that makes people feel exhausted and drained from a bunch of negativity.

To me, negativity comes in many forms but basically it’s anything that doesn’t benefit my growth as a person.  If I encounter people who thrive off negativity I usually describe them as “toxic”.  And that’s the last thing I want to be, so here are some good reminders.


  • No Complaining – The big kahuna of negativity that permeates everyday life is complaining.  I’ve posted this quote before, and it’s a great thing to remember.  Do I want to be the person that complains about traffic, or celebrates the beautiful weather?


  • But Seriously, Stop Complaining – This deserves two bullet points.  We all do it way too much.  Sometimes I ask myself, would I be embarrassed to be complaining about this in front of someone less fortunate than me?  99% of the time the answer is yes.


  • Stop Complaining (again) and Pray – Whining never makes me feel better, but praying does.


  • Fake It Till You Make It – Sometimes we have days where we just aren’t feeling it.  It can be hard to muster all that positive energy.  That’s why faking it till you make it is a great tool.  It’s incredible how easy it is to trick our minds into doing what we want them to!


  • Strive To Be Happy No Matter What – This reminder, to me, is the epitome of positivity.  If you can be positive no matter what happens in your life I want in on your secret.  It’s the ultimate thing to strive for; joy no matter what the circumstances.


  • Have Simple Pleasures – Having small things throughout the day to look forward is very helpful for staying positive.  So if you don’t have those, make room for them!


  • Don’t Beat Yourself Up – Beating yourself up doesn’t make you a stronger person, it wears you down.  To be a positive person you have to think positively about everything, including yourself!


  • No Worries – Easier said than done, but important.  Worrying doesn’t solve problems, action does.  And if it’s an issue thats completely out of your hands, lucky you, that means you should let it go completely!

I have a feeling I’ll be revisiting this post in the future.  Hope it helps!

smash book update 5.16

I haven’t done a post on my smash book for a while.  Here are my latest spreads.





Lots of game score sheets.


More stuff from magazines.




Flowers we planted (more on that here) and Mike’s swim team banquet brochure.



Mike’s race day number and route.


As usual, lots of randomness.  But it’s easy to do and fun to flip through.

Have a great weekend!